The Bavarian Industry in the United States

The U.S. liaison office in New York works as the interface of economic activities and political concerns for the member companies from Bavaria in the USA. U.S. companies wishing to invest in Bavaria can also receive advice. The services for members include the support of market development, access to government and administration, regional economic development as well as banks and private equity firms. The office is closely integrated by having an extensive network of companies, business leaders, international financial service providers, political decision makers and think tanks. The U.S. liaison office coordinates the political exchange of opinions and experiences for the vbw and its member associations.

Intensive economic and friendly relations

In 2023, the trade volume between the U.S. and Bavaria was aprox. 42.2 Billion Euro. This makes the USA Bavaria’s second largest trading partner. Bavarian companies provide high levels of value creation, production and employment in the United States. They create more than 576,000 jobs and contribute more than 85 Billion Euro to the total gross value added in the U.S. That is 0.49 % of the total value added in the United States.

42.2 bn. €

Trade volume with the U.S.


Jobs in the U.S.

> 85 bn. €

Contribution to U.S. Gross Value

Direct Investments 2021
Bavaria → U.S.

70.7 bn. €
889 Plants
175,000 Employees

Direct Investments 2021
U.S. → Bavaria

8.9 bn. €
242 Plants
38,000 Employees

Intensive Exchange in Many Areas

The U.S. and Bavaria have maintained close relations for many decades : With more than 350 partnerships between Bavarian universities and colleges in the U.S., there is an intensive transatlantic exchange. 32 sister city partnerships is a statement of a long-standing and lived friendship between the USA and Bavaria. Since 2007, Georgia has been an international partner region of the Free State of Bavaria, which is currently home to more than 26,000 U.S. citizens. There are also close ties in tourism : With 2.2 Million overnight stays in 2023, U.S. residents rank first among other countries.

Transatlantic Friendship

Germany, Bavaria and the United States of America are linked by a long-standing friendship. They share many common interests and values. The USA is one of our most important trading partners. “Made in Bavaria” is well received in the USA. The economies and businesses of both countries are strongly intertwined. As vbw — Bavarian Industry Association we contribute to boosting the strengths in our state and leveraging the potentials. The focus of our work is the competitiveness of our member companies in Bavaria and their subsidiaries in the USA. The close connection to our members, the personal advice we provide and the short distances are important to us. That’s why we have a nationwide presence in Bavaria. Furthermore we represent the interests of the Bavarian economy internationally. As the result we have our own liaison office in New York since 2010. This promotes a strong exchange and underscores the close economic ties between Bavaria and the USA.

Almost 250 Bavarian member companies, ranging from medium-sized and family-owned businesses to international corporations such as Audi, BMW, Kuka, Linde and Siemens, have a branch office in the USA.

On the other hand, more than 1,500 U.S. companies in Bavaria speak for the attractiveness of the location. Big names like Apple, GE, Google, IBM and Microsoft have offices in Bavaria. In 2021, Apple decided to expand its European chip design center in the Bavarian capital of Munich and will invest 1 Billion euros by 2024. The Free State of Bavaria offers highly educated young talent, an attractive infrastructure and an innovative economic mix that offers companies cooperation partners beyond their own industry.

I look forward to further building our economic and friendly relations.

Sincerely yours
Bertram Brossardt
Chief Executive Officer

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